Safety Category Finalists Announced for 2016 #SPEInnovationAwards Competition


The Automotive Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE®) today announced the Safety Category finalists for its 46th-annual Automotive Innovation Awards Competition, the oldest and largest recognition event in the automotive and plastics industries. Nominations were first subjected to a pre-qualification review and then were presented before a panel of industry experts on September 29-30, 2016. That panel sent forward the most innovative nominations (category finalists) to the Blue Ribbon judging round, which was held October 10, 2016. Category and Grand Award winners selected during the Blue Ribbon judging round will be announced on the evening of November 9, 2016 during the 46th SPE Automotive Innovation Awards Gala.



Seat Cushion Frame and Storage Door

OEM Make & Model: 2016 Ford Motor Co. Ford Super Duty pickup

Tier Supplier/Processor: Royal Technologies Corp.

Material Supplier / Toolmaker: Celanese Corp. / Vortec Tooling Solutions, Inc.

Material / Process:  Celstran GF40-20 LFT-PP / injection molding

Description:  For the first time, a polymer composite has replaced magnesium in a structural seat-cushion frame and under-seat storage lid for a front center 20% seat with integrated restraint system. The application is weight neutral and lower cost (≈$4 USD/unit), and satisfies all safety and crashworthiness requirements. Its flexible architecture allows for updates with future enhancements. Injection molded 40% LFT-PP is used to mold the frame, which also features an expanded polypropylene (EPP) antisubmarine foam block and a lockable ergo-latch. The assembly represents a significant reduction in carbon footprint vs. magnesium and has yielded 2 awarded and 2 pending patents.

Next Generation Armrest for Side Impact

OEM Make & Model: 2016 Ford Motor Co. Ford Super Duty pickup

Tier Supplier/Processor:  Yanfeng USA Automotive Trim Systems Company, Inc.

Material Supplier / Toolmaker: LyondellBasell / ToolPlas Systems Inc.

Material / Process:  SG702  PP & multiple / injection molding

Description:  Minimizing door intrusion during side impacts usually requires intensive body-structure countermeasures. Abdomen criteria for 5th and 50th percentile dummies are primarily driven by door-trim armrest stiffness during side impacts. This new door-trim armrest improves safety as a tuning component by acting as a load limiter and absorbing energy. Comprised of a skin, foam pad, PP-nonwoven trampoline fabric, ABS armrest substrate, and PP trampoline frame, the system is significantly softer than previous designs, substantially outperforming static and dynamic functional requirements without adding countermeasures, cost, or weight. Further, armrest durability improves 6 times, and costs and weight are reduced $31.80 and 3.8 kg per vehicle.

Modular Composite Front-Seat Cushion Pan

OEM Make & Model: 2017 Ford Motor Co. Lincoln Continental luxury sedan

Tier Supplier/Processor: Leggett & Platt, Great Lakes Trim & Grammer Industries / Engineered Plastics, Grand Traverse Plastics & Johnson Electric

Material Supplier / Toolmaker: BASF Corp., Advanced Composites, Inc. & DuPont Automotive / MacLean-Fog, Commercial Tool & Die & Johnson Electric

Material / Process:  ULTRAMID B3ZG7 OSI PA, ADX 5017 TPO, Delrin 100P NC010 POM / injection molding

Description:  This patent-pending, plastics-intensive, modular composite front seat-cushion pan (in impact-modified 35% GR PA), side-airbag deployment back panel (in talc-filled TPO), and power head-restraint drive nut (in POM) create a robust and dynamic crash-energy management system for front impact protection, side airbag deployment, and energy management for occupant impact protection. Further, the system enables modular assembly and scalable features for assembly ease.  Already 83 patents have been filed and 12 granted on this innovative seat system.

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